Quadel Ships Wattle Netting by the Pallet !

We are well into erosion control season as construction on roads and building picks up during the drier months.  Quadel Industries ships our wattle net by the pallet which is 54,000 linear feet per pallet.

We use 2000′ rolls and stack 9 per row 3 high for a total of 27 rolls per pallet. We like to stick with 2000′ rolls as they are more manageable and allow the best use of the pallet with out over loading or sticking out on the sides.

This allows for maximum use of trailer space on our freight carriers so that we can keep shipping costs down for our customers.

We also place a layer of cardboard between each row so they stack nicely and then we shrink wrap the whole pallet to ensure they stay secure during transportation to our customers all over the country.