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Quadel Ships Wattle Netting by the Pallet !

We are well into erosion control season as construction on roads and building picks up during the drier months.  Quadel Industries ships our wattle net by the pallet which is 54,000 linear feet per pallet.

We use 2000′ rolls and stack 9 per row 3 high for a total of 27 rolls per pallet. We like to stick with 2000′ rolls as they are more manageable and allow the best use of the pallet with out over loading or sticking out on the sides.

This allows for maximum use of trailer space on our freight carriers so that we can keep shipping costs down for our customers.

We also place a layer of cardboard between each row so they stack nicely and then we shrink wrap the whole pallet to ensure they stay secure during transportation to our customers all over the country.

Bio Wattle Netting Taking off strong.

Quadel industries Bio Wattle Netting division is taking off strong in 2011. With demand on the increase for more sustainable and Eco friendly erosion control solutions , Bio Wattle netting  is fast becoming the choice for many municipalities and DOT requirements. Quadel Industries Bio Wattle netting is a Poly Mesh net treated with a additive to increase the speed at which it breaks down in the field. Our Bio Wattle netting comes in a bright green color to clearly distinguish it from standard wattle netting and to keep it getting mixed in with you other inventory.

Quadel Industries Bio Wattle Netting !

Quadel Industries has developed a Biodegradable Wattle netting using the EPI global Compound DCP-580. We are now able to provide a Bio Wattle netting for all our Erosion Control and Construction industry customers. Our Bio Wattle netting comes in green or black and ships on 2000′ rolls to anywhere in the Continental United States. We carry our Bio netting in both 9 x 5/8 and 12 x 5/8 sizes. Call now for a Quote and go green. Contact us at 1-800-Buy-Poly or email me at

Quadel Wattle Netting Advantages !

There are many advantages to using wattles over silt fences or other forms of erosion control devices, such as cost , ease of use, flexibility and easy to manufacture, transport and install. The wattle is designed to slow the flow of water and trap silt and other debris behind it during rain storms and other weather events. Quadel industries wattle netting is some of the strongest in the industry with a very high tensile strength makes it very hard to break while still remaining very flexible.

Erosion Control Wattles

Quadel Industries is a leading Manufacture of Erosion Control Wattle netting  that is used in the manufacturing of wattles. Wattles are a very effective sediment control measure and are usually deployed in construction areas or hillsides where the danger of erosion needs to be mitigated. Available in a variety of  sizes the most common are 9″ 12″ and 20″ , on rolls of up to 5000′, we ship direct to your pant or construction site.

All Wattle Netting is not Created Equal !

Quadel Industries has been making wattle netting as long as wattle netting has been around for over 25 years and counting ! We are pride ourselves in the  consistent quality of our wattle netting which comes in 8″ , 9″ , 12″  and even 20″ sizes.  Wattle netting is of course used in the manufacturing of straw wattles that are used all over the world in construction , landscaping and erosion control projects. If your company is manufacture of wattles then please give a call and let us get some samples to your right away !

Wattle Netting for Erosion Control !

Erosion Control Netting for Wattles also comes in the poly mesh
variety as well. We here at Quadel Industries Manufacture Wattle
Netting in several different sizes, 8″ , 9″ and 12″. Our wattle
Netting is incredibly strong and durable with a superior stretch
capability, perfect for making your wattles for your next Erosion
Control Project.