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Quadel Ships Wattle Netting by the Pallet !

We are well into erosion control season as construction on roads and building picks up during the drier months.  Quadel Industries ships our wattle net by the pallet which is 54,000 linear feet per pallet.

We use 2000′ rolls and stack 9 per row 3 high for a total of 27 rolls per pallet. We like to stick with 2000′ rolls as they are more manageable and allow the best use of the pallet with out over loading or sticking out on the sides.

This allows for maximum use of trailer space on our freight carriers so that we can keep shipping costs down for our customers.

We also place a layer of cardboard between each row so they stack nicely and then we shrink wrap the whole pallet to ensure they stay secure during transportation to our customers all over the country.

Quadel Industries Bio Wattle Netting !

Quadel Industries has developed a Biodegradable Wattle netting using the EPI global Compound DCP-580. We are now able to provide a Bio Wattle netting for all our Erosion Control and Construction industry customers. Our Bio Wattle netting comes in green or black and ships on 2000′ rolls to anywhere in the Continental United States. We carry our Bio netting in both 9 x 5/8 and 12 x 5/8 sizes. Call now for a Quote and go green. Contact us at 1-800-Buy-Poly or email me at

Poly Mesh Tiller Netting and Bud Caps.

There are many poly mesh products that are used in the Forestry Protection
industry such as seedling protectors , such as rigid tubes, tiller netting,
light netting , heavy netting , bud caps, shade cards and more. All of these
products are made from plastic mesh of some kind. Give Quadel industries
a call today for more information on all of our Forestry protection products
that are manufactured at our facility.

Poly Mesh Lady bug bags by Quadel.

Fine mesh poly bags make great packaging material for Insects such as
lady bugs and others that are used in the Organic pest control industry.
Quadel specializes in Poly Mesh LadyBug Bags that are used specifically
for the sale and distribution of lady bugs. Our lady bug bags are ideally
suited for the purpose because of their thick plastic and tightly woven poly
mesh which allows the insects to breath , but also protects them from damage
during shipment.

Poly Mesh Firewood Netting.

Firewood Netting is great for use as a way to bundle firewood for retail
marketing of your firewood bundles. The advantage of using this poly mesh
netting is that it allows you to store your bundles to be ready for purchase and also allows the wood to dry out during storage , and of course dry wood always makes a much better product for your firewood customers.

Poly Mesh Oyster Netting By Quadel !

Oyster Netting is another great product that is made from  poly mesh netting. Oyster Farms on both coasts use oyster netting made by Quadel Industries. It makes a perfect harvest bag because of its strength and durability and resistance to weather and moisture. So if your in the Oyster business give us a call and let us know exactly what you are looking for !

Poly Mesh Produce Netting and Bags !

One of the most common uses for Poly Mesh Bags is in the produce packaging
industry, we have a wide variety of produce packaging solutions from
bags to netting. We stock a large selection of sizes of Poly mesh bags and in
several colors , and we can custom make bags for you based on your special
needs. We also carry poly mesh produce netting by the roll usually
in 5000′ rolls. Since we are the Manufacture as well we can tailor our poly
mesh products to suite your needs.

Poly Mesh Bags for Toy Packaging !

There are many uses for Poly Mesh bags, and here at Quadel Industries we pride ourselves on finding new ways to use our products in today’s constantly changing business environment. Poly Mesh Bags Make an Ideal solution for the packaging for toys and other gift Items.Give us a call if your looking for a good packaging solution that is both attractive and economical.

Crab Netting From Quadel Industries !

Quadel Industries is a Manufacturer of crab netting used in crab fishing all over the Oregon and Washington Coast. Our Crab Netting is made out of poly mesh  material and is some of the strongest on the market. So if you are a crab fisherman , professional or just for sport give us a call today and get some pricing on all our varieties of Crab Netting !

Wattle Netting for Erosion Control !

Erosion Control Netting for Wattles also comes in the poly mesh
variety as well. We here at Quadel Industries Manufacture Wattle
Netting in several different sizes, 8″ , 9″ and 12″. Our wattle
Netting is incredibly strong and durable with a superior stretch
capability, perfect for making your wattles for your next Erosion
Control Project.